Switching to a third party Domain Name System (DNS)?

31 12 2011

Hi everyone, today we will discuss on Domain Name Systems and usage of them. First lets see what is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name System. And DNS is actually a database system that handle IP addresses and related domain names. When we type a web address and hit the Enter key, the ISP(Internet Service Provider) will look up the DNS for requested domain name. Then the DNS will return and direct to the correct IP address. Then we will see the requested web page. 🙂

Usually your Internet Service Provider maintains a DNS server for handle the DNS quires, so you don’t have to worry about that. It hold a list of all the IP addresses and domain names within the network, and a cache of IP addresses which recently accessed computers outside the network.  This DNS servers are also responsible for your Internet speed. But sometimes you may realise your Internet speed is not enough. Most of the time this happens not because of your bandwidth but because of your ISP’s slow DNS server. Because some IPS’s don’t pay much attention for expanding DNS server resources.

As clients we can do something to speed up our Internet speed ourself. That is switching to a third party DNS . Here is list of some great DNS servers.

  • Open DNS                              
  • Google Public DNS                           
  • BitGravity
  • EdgeCast
  • CDNetworks

As a example lets see how to configure Open DNS for Ubuntu computer.

First  click on  network icon and go to Edit connections

Then you will see a window like this

Select your existing connection or you can create a new one. Then click edit

In the DNS servers field type these two IP addresses   with comma separated.

And follow the same procedure for other DNS service providers if you are interested. And the related IP addresses to configure are in the above list.

After set up the connection, check whether you actually use the Open DNS. So click on network icon and go to Connection Information.

Now Open firefox and try to load a web page, then you will notice your Internet speed has increased. 😀


Ok, now it’s all for today and this is the last post for this year and….. this is the last day of 2011. And I wish you ………..


Very Happy New year for All

Happy 2012!

Thank you 😀

Gihan De Silva