How to change the boot loader

4 08 2011

Hi, today I’m going to introduce an important windows software . The reason to talk about this software was an personal experience of me. Recently I had to install Win 7 on my Laptop to work with Photoshop CS5 for designing some graphics. So after I install the Win 7 suddenly I realise then my Ubuntu is no more functioning. That means Master Boot Record was changed. In that case , I used Easy BCD software to correct that boot records.


Installing Win7 after Linux always happens this. So you have to change boot records after installing (only if you don’t see the boot menu).

To change the boot records with the dual boot system. Open Easy BCD

Then click Add New Entry . Then you will see a window like this.

Then click Linux BSD tab, change under type: as GRUB(Legacy)

Then reboot the computer, you will see your boot menu. That’s all 😀

In this post I would like to mention and say thanks to my friend Buddika for introducing EasyBCD to me.


Gihan De Silva @