Moving to a new domain name…

28 07 2011

Hi, A little Announcement for all the readers of Gihan’s Blog. That is moving to :D. Now it’s been around two months that I’ve started this blog. There are lot of people who give me strength to carry on this blog by commenting, discussing and saying ‘Hi’.And I appreciate all those things.

I got this domian name form And I forwarded it into my old wordpress domain name through their forwarding facilities.  And anyone interesting on more info about getting a domain, masking ,forwarding or anything regarding this , I’d like to share my experience. 😀

Now you can find my Blog on . 😀

Thank you

Gihan Malan De Silva @




6 responses

28 07 2011

congradulations dear… i wish you a good future with this blog…

28 07 2011

patta machan nice work my congratulations…

29 07 2011
Keshan De Silva

Great work… keep it up..

29 07 2011
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Nice post. Good job.

5 08 2011
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Nice post and great job. Happy with that.

7 08 2011

so seems now ur having an permanent residence on cyberspace…i wish u all the best with ur new and ur own residence…cheers bro

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