Convert your Blogger Bolg into WordPress or WordPress Blog into Blogger…

24 06 2011

Hi, today my blog post will be a little one. Because today I’m not going to give you clues about software or any other thing. I thing this will also help you sometime or some day. Sometimes you may wondering How to bring your WordPress blog to Blogger or  Blogger blog into WordPress Blog. But the problem is WordPress still do not facilitate to export it to Blogger .

OK this is the simplest way to do it. I found a Open source project that facilitate us to convert Blog. And it contains a number of converters  for different Blog services. The source code is written in Python. And if you want to, you can download the source code too.

Link for Blog Converter Open Source Project:

Convert your WordPress Blog into Blogger Blog…!

First go to your WordPress Blog,

then under the Tools click export

Then clicking the export get the xml file.

then goto this link

Then get the converted xml file from that site.

Then go to your Blogger  blog.

under the settings click import blog

😀 Now your WordPress blog live in Blogger.

Convert your Blogger Blog into WordPress Blog…!

This is much easy than the other thing, because already this feature is facilitated by WordPress. 🙂



First go to Your Blogger blog

under the settings click export blog

By clicking Export blog Download the xml file

Then go to the WordPress Blog.Then click import

After that you will see a page like this..

Because WordPress allows to import Blogger Blogs.. 😀

So, import your blogger xml file, then you will see your blogger bog on WordPress. 😀

Thank you

Gihan Malan De Silva.





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26 06 2011
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27 06 2011

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1 07 2011

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20 07 2011
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22 07 2011
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22 07 2011
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