How to run XAMPP server on Windows with a flash drive..(portable XAMPP)

9 06 2011

Hi, First of all I’d like to say welcome you all to my site.. This is my first post. . The reason that I decided to write this post, recently I came across some difficulties when I  try to run PHP scripts on a computer that I haven’t administrative privileges to install any software. Anyway I think I will help you too..

First of all you need to download XAMPP for windows as 7zip archive from Apache Friends.

here is the link :

Welcome to Xampp with PHP!

To have php programming with this portable version of XAMPP extract 7zip archive into a flash drive( pen drive )

1)first open your pen drive

2)open xampp folder

3)”run” setup_xampp.bat

4)then automatically command prompt open & wait until it says “press any key to continue…….”

5)But if run this on second time any other computer the message will be said “Refresh previous installation press 1 “then press 1 and then it will be said “press any key to continue…….”

5)now open xampp-control.exe

6)then tic the Apache service and “Start” it..

7)then tic the Mysql server and “Start” it…

8)now you are ready to go with that..

9)type this url on a web browser http://localhost/ or in here you can find the XAMPP welcome & configuration page.

10)now find the folder named “htdocs”.. this is the place where you put your php files for testing..

11)to run your php type the .php after http://localhost/

12)if the test file is test.PHP the url should be http://localhost/test.PHP

//test.PHP (A simple test.php script)



echo “Hello World, this is test php page!”;



Enjoy it.. 😀

I don’t have installed windows so I take these screen shots on Panda‘s laptop. Thanks to Panda.

If you have any idea and comments feel free to comment them. It will help me to improve my blog. See you in next post with “How to install XAMPP on Linux (Ubuntu 11.04)“.


Gihan Malan De Silva.




One response

9 06 2011
Janani Nayanathara

Thank you for sharing ur knowledge….. it will be very helpful…. 😀

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